The split second after 4pm.. 20th September 2014

It was raining very heavily today. I could barely see the road. The windscreen wiper was at its maximum speed and i was driving at a low speed; keeping my distance with the car in front and at the back. It was a fairly familiar road but i still kept my GPS  on in case i miss any turning (For those who do not know, i am rather bad with directions).

As i was driving on the straight road, i felt a slight movement to the right. I thought it was strong wind or maybe my hand steered a bit to the right, so i tried to move the steering wheel back to neutral position. I hold on to steering wheel with both hands and keep it in a neutral position like i always do on a straight road.. Ok, all was well and i continued the journey home.

Then suddenly, i felt that slight movement again. Started to feel uneasy as a few days ago,dad told me that he felt my car alignment was a bit off, but we got it checked out a few days ago and was told the alignment was good. I tried to stay calm,it must have been the heavy rain and strong wind again. Again i steered it back to the middle and continue driving.

And then came the split second of event  and the next thing that i know after it happened was i literally cheated death. I felt a sudden sharp movement to the right; this time the movement was big and i could not control it. Then the car swayed left and right again. It felt as if i was in a racing car in a video game; as i am not good at video games,when i play a racing game on playstation, the car then to sway left and right at sharp turnings.

The next second, my car was turning 180 degree on a highway. I could see a  lorry far behind as my car turn the opposite direction. I knew i was going to crash. At that moment, a few things ran into my mind.. My dad, my mum, the possibility of ending up in the hospital and ruining my upcoming trip and God. People say that when you are at the brink of death, the first things that come to mind are the things are most important to you. So i guess at this stage of my life, those were the things that i valued the most.

I do not know what happened next, but the next moment,i was facing the opposite direction again, which means my car literally turned 360 degrees. There was a drain on the left and i felt the car tilting to the left and then it slowed down, just before it hit the steel bar of the road divider and at that moment,my gut feeling told me to hit the brake hard. The next moment, i felt my hands and legs shaking and my mind was blank. It was a miracle that i was still ok, nobody is hurt and my car was still intact. The whole thing only took a a few seconds but it felt like forever.

Then i saw a lorry stopped in front of my car and an uncle came down from the lorry in the heavy rain to ask if i am okay. I told him i was okay, he checked my tyres and then he helped me move my car to the roadside, as it was half hanging on a slope. It was lucky that he did not ram into me and i did not hit him, and he was so nice to come down from his lorry despite the heavy rain.

I really thank God that i escaped unhurt, despite such ordeal. I believe that it is God's divine intervention that there was no cars nearby and and the car stopped at the safest point. And it dawn to me that God still has work for me to be done on earth.

Seeing so many cases in hospital makes me feel that life is short, which is why i always want quality time for me and my family; doing things that i really enjoy and spending time with people who means a lot to me and not spend my whole life chasing money and status. And after this ordeal, i hold it even stronger.. Treasure your life and time and make it count by doing things you enjoy, and treasure the people around you always.


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