♥ Making a difference.. ♥

A lot of people has been sharing this over the facebook wall few days ago, but i can't help but share this message again on my blog. This is a very uplifting message especially to all the overworked doctors, nurses, medical assistants and health care personnel out there.

Somebody asked : "You're a Doctor? How much do you make?"

I replied : " HOW MUCH DO I MAKE? "

I can make holding your hand seem like the most important thing in the world when you are scared...

I can make your child breathe when they stop...

I can make your father survive a heart attack...

I can make myself wake up at 4AM to make sure your mother has the medicine she needs to live...And I will work straight through until 4 AM to keep her alive and start the day all over again!

I work all day to save the lives of strangers..

I will drop everything and run a code blue for hours trying to keep you alive!!

I make my family wait for dinner until i know your family member is taken care of...

I make myself skip lunch so that i can make sure everything i did for your wife today is correct...

I work weekends and holidays and all through the night because people don't just get sick Monday through Saturday and during normal working hours.

Today i might save your life..

How much do i make?

All i know is, i make a difference.

Sometimes when you need to work through the weekends and holidays while your family and friends get to enjoy life out there, you wonder why on earth did you chose this job in the first place.

Sometimes when you compare yourself with your friends who work less hours a week but earn much more than you do, you wonder if you should just quit and do their job instead.

Sometimes when you are sick and sneezing away but you still have to see 200 patients a day without rest and yet they complain that they have waited for hours although they are sick, you wonder what about me then??

Sometimes when you do so much for others and start compromising yourself and the people around you, you begin to wonder to yourself "no, this is not what i want my life to be".

When work frustrations take over you, always remember that you make a difference, no matter how small the contribution can be. 

It could be just a small act of setting a branula for a patient so that he can get the IV medications he need to relieve his pain or to get his heart beat again.

It could be something simple like giving high flow mask or preparing a neb so that patient can breath like he normally do again.

It could be as simple as writing a prescription of syrup paracetamol for a child and assure the anxious mother that it's just a simple viral fever so that she could have a peace of mind and have a good sleep at night.

Yes, you do make a difference..No, your pay wouldn't change and your workload and working hours is not gonna reduce, but by reminding yourself that you make a difference everyday, you would change your attitude towards work and probably make your day happier and more meaningful.


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